If you have a problem with IT Complexity and delivering large IT systems, there is a way we can help. Which of these would you like to consider?

  • We have a huge amount of information about managing IT complexity freely available on our web site. We don't think you will find a comparable collection anyplace else.
  • We can put you on our email list and automatically alert you when any new information is made available. Click <here>
  • We have a one day workshop on The Snowman Practice. It will give you a much better understanding about the issues surrounding IT complexity and give you some effective coping strategies. We can bring this workshop in house or you may find a convenient public workshop.
  • We can audit proposed architectures for unnecessary complexity. Since very few architects are trained in complexity management, it is highly likely than any architecture you are considering for a system in excess of $1million has considerable unnecessary complexity. Let us audit the architecture before you start implementation. Our recommendations may save a great deal of unnecessary cost and problems further down the line.
  • We can help you use the Snowman Tool to track and remove unnecessary complexity.
  • We can help you fully adopt the Snowman Practice in your organization, transforming your entire understanding of how to build large IT systems.

The first step is pretty simple. Contact us! Click <here>

Page last updated 6/6/2013