Snowman Adoption Roadmap

The Snowman Practice is a very different approach to IT. Unlike traditional approaches, it is highly collaborative and requires a close working relationship with the business and IT. For some organizations, this collaborative approach will be, shall we say, unusual. Therefore we consider strong support at the executive level critical.

The best approach to adoption of The Snowman Practice is gradual. This gives an organization a chance to try it slowly, see the benefits, and build up momentum for a large scale rollout. 

Here is one possible road map for introducing The Snowman Practice:

  1. Invite Roger Sessions to do a 30 minute interactive Webinar to the Enterprise Architects or other reports to the CIO. This will give people a quick look at the problems The Snowman Practice is meant to address and an overview of the practice. Do these ideas resonate? If so, go on to 2.
  2. Repeat step 1. for selected other groups within the organization.
  3. Bring us in to deliver a full day workshop on The Snowman Practice. Do the ideas still resonate? If so, go on to 4.
  4. Choose a pilot project. The pilot should be large enough to see the benefit, but small enough to evaluate within a reasonable time frame. A good target size is a $5-10 million dollar project.
  5. Evaluate the results of the pilot. Do you see the promised benefits? If so, go to 6.
  6. Time to start planning a full scale rollout.

Page last updated 6/6/2013